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Saussines (34160)

Saussines church

Introduction :
Saussines is a medieval village of 900 inhabitants in Herault, Languedoc-Rousillon.

Location :
It is located 24km from Montpellier, 28km from Nimes and 10km from Lunel. The Mediterranean sea is about 30km. Saussines is a hill village in the valley of the River Benovie. The communes of Boisseron, Campagne, Sommières, Galargues, Saint Hilaire de Beauvoir, Saint Christol, Villevieille, Aspères and Salinelles are all within 5 km of Saussines.
Saussines is now part of the Agglomeration de Lunel.

History :
The establishment of a community at Saussines was made possible by the existence of four springs feeding a small stream that, unusually, does not dry out in the summer.
There is believed to have been a prehistoric village near to the present day village. There are some ancient shelters or capitelles within the commune.
There are nearby roman remains and the Via Luteva running from Nimes to Toulouse via Lodeve passed through Saussines. There are remains of six roman buildings (one probably a military camp) within the commune boundaries.
During the 11th century a church and couvent were built as an annex of the Benedictine monastery in Aigues Mortes. Both survive today, the couvent being the older part of the present chateau. A classic circular hill village became established.
During the middle ages Saussines was under the control of a seigneur, who was removed at the time of the revolution. In the late 19th century, Saussines was a thriving, independent, community with 30+ businesses serving the needs of the 400 inhabitants.

Economy :
Saussines has been a producer of wine and olives since the establishment of the village.
Today there is less wine production and the cave “Coteaux de Saussines” has merged with the caves co-operative in Boisseron. Wine is made in Boisseron and stored in Saussines.

The village has a handful of artisans, and a useful village shop which acts as a tabac, depot du pain, presse, epicerie, pressing and cyber cafe.

Village life :

Saussines has developed into a quiet, conveniently located backwater. Many residents commute to Montpellier, Nimes, Sommieres and Lunel. There is a strong community and the village hosts several festivals throughout the year.

Saussines has a creche, together with primary and junior schools.


August 2006


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