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A blog is an online journal. Those selected  include accounts of everyday events in France. Many include tales of hardship as the writers struggle to settle in a foreign country. And many are very amusing.

Blog writing requires discipline, which I don't have, so I don't have one. I edit the blog list on an irregular basis - I favour regular updates and local blogs. Some who have abandoned their blogs vanish !

Aidan Conjugating Irregular Verbs
An American family discovering a new life near Montpellier ( via Ireland ).
Journal from an English expat in Gard * n.b. now back in UK
After much hard work and trauma, Anthony is at last living the dream with his wife Rachel and dog Bella in Aude !
... the blog of the Drunken Ex Pat Writer, a fictional creation who cares about nothing but vodka, cigs and pussy. * This blog provides crucial information about seedy Montpellier nightlife, tirelessly researched by the author. Caution : May include adult content and strong language.
An every day story of a quilter, her family and animals living in the Dordogne.
Popular blog about French food
From Australia to Scotland and now to France ......
Ed Ward
Montpellier writer & broadcaster Ed shares his trials & tribulations !
Couple based in Montpellier (via Canada and Asia) explore Herault by bicycle.
Notes and observations on this exciting wine region
A wine village in the Herault valley, Languedoc
Ilse and Anthony
Arriving in Vers Pont du Gard in Autumn 2012 Ilse and Anthony will explore the world of ART and GASTRONOMY which will include featured Artists and businesses who are involved in the Olive Oil Business
Cooking and enjoying life in the south of France
In 2009 Katie bought a tiny vineyard and a couple of vats, and barrels in Aude. Read her story.
Kylee Milner is the driving force behind Lunes Bijoux. She writes about her life and work in France.
Judy,Caty, and Jina Le Mas Abicou Three blogs for the price of one from three Anglo/US/French ladies sharing a house in Vezenobres
in Leon The Leon Stolarski Blog
Tasting notes, opinions, rants, interests and deep, meaningful thoughts of an independent wine merchant
Louise Outsiders ... a group of non French Languedoc-Roussillon wine producers.
Translator who alternates between Montpellier and US
Observations on life in Beziers from the owner of Maison de l'OrbChambres d'Hotes
mr le marquis
View from the Camargue self described as "a pain in the backside, but a lovable one : If the world were square, our angles would be different (original quote from Mr le Marquis) "
Photo blog of a young family exploring a greener lifestyle
This blog neatly houses wines from Roussillon, Languedoc, Southwest, Rhône, Provence, French Riviera and Corsica
Romke Soldaat
Commentary on all things French by a retired Dutchman based Nr Lodeve. Newly restarted after a house move.
Rosemary George MW
A blog about the wines of the South of France
Snippets of life from a Medieval town in SW France.
Brit living in France since 1989, not as an expat, but as, until recently, the wife of a Frog. 
Subject to crash landings, TAAF is an on & off monthly series of local notes. Steve tells me it is going to be more on than off in the future. 
Our adventures buying and renovating a restaurant in P-O
Relocation to the Montpellier, Nimes, Languedoc Area - Living in Montpellier & area - Helping those already here Specialising in family relocation
Baby talk from Wendy ! 
a French blog rich in historical photos centred around Sommieres


Note for bloggers : My statistics tell me that this a very popular (and often revisited ) page. Every now and again, I will review the content. Those with few postings will eventually vanish.

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