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The Notaires de France website by Craig McGinty

UNDERSTANDING some of the legal aspects of life in France can be a challenge to many people.

The steps required during a property purchase, how to make a will and a range of other questions and problems can often raise their head.

But a useful site to get an understanding of the rules and regulations is the English language section of the Notaires de France website.

There is a range of information, laid out in a very simple style, which is easy to navigate around and provides a mine of tips and advice.

The site is split into four main sections, family, home, estate and business, with detailed information beneath these.

For example under the My Home section you can find out more about presale deeds, the cost of purchasing a home and obligations related to any sale.

Whilst in the family section there is information on marriage, inheritance and adoption, again simply laid out and easy to understand.

Even if you have to eventually go to a notaire to sort out your legal problem, if you have been able to read up a bit of background beforehand it is a great help.

And this is what the site will be particularly useful for.

To visit the Notaires de France website, please click here.


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