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Quality logo for tourism by Craig McGinty


Logo_qualite_0312THE French tourism ministry has launched a new logo to help people recognise establishments that keep to set standards of quality.

The mark is designed to ensure that France retains its position as the world’s most popular tourist destination.

As well as to make sure the industry does not let standards fall and complacency set in.

Tourism minister, Leon Bertrand, said at the launch of the Qualité Tourism logo that for companies to be able to display the mark set standards would have to be met.

These include quality of accommodation, health and hygiene standards, atmosphere within establishments and procedures to handle customer complaints effectively.

The quality mark arose from a report organised by the Tourism Ministry that found tourists in France spent less on average than those visiting Spain and the USA.

Other reports have highlighted the growing anger amongst visitors at the attitude of staff, and the high prices charged, for standards of service well below what is expected.

There is set to be a major push of the Qualité Tourism mark throughout 2005 by trade associations and it is also hoped that smaller establishments will look to gain the right to display the logo.

Maison de la France will back promotion of the mark amongst tourists and visitors in France.

To visit the Tourism Ministry (in French), please click here.

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