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About us

Martine and Peter are English speakers who relocated to Languedoc. We had to do a lot of research on the area, before buying a house and organising all the other things associated with moving to a new country. Later, with visitors, we  researched tourism, and acted as unpaid tourist guides.

This website is a summary of things we learned along the way.

As former corporate expats, we had lived in three other countries before arriving here in 1999 looking for a slower way of life.

This website started as an exercise in website creation and a way to put a few photos on the web for family & friends (archive example). We started, with free software and free hosting, and  have now had more than 10m web pages read.

The present version shows that we may not be professional, but we have slightly improved!

Today this site is intended to provide information about the area as well as help business creation in Languedoc.

We are happy to receive your emails with suggestions and queries.

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The Languedoc Page has been providing Languedoc information to discerning visitors since 2002 with around 10m pages read

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