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2006 Press release

With 3,138 hotels and 60,000 rooms in France, Logis hotels and restaurants (formerly Logis de France) are the leader in the independent hotel business in Europe. Logis can be found everywhere in France--at the seaside, in the mountains, in the countryside, and even in Paris. You will always find a Logis France hotel within 20-miles of anywhere in France for an overnight stop or a longer stay.

All the hotels in the association adhere to criteria that include the comfort of the establishment, the quality of the food, the welcome and the charm of the surrounding area. Classified with 1, 2, or 3 fireplaces, they guarantee very good value for the money.


Created in 1949, with the intention of increasing the rural independent hotel business, the Logis de France brand introduced a unique concept in Europe— privately-owned hotels, in a rural setting, grouped under the same quality label.

The chain includes family-run hotels, often with restaurants, where each guest is sure to receive a warm and individual welcome. The hotels are generally located in a rural area and are set in a pleasant environment--74% are located in villages of fewer than 5,000 inhabitants. They integrate harmoniously into their region and are often the ideal starting point to explore a French province.

Gastronomy is one of the fundamental values of Logis. The association’s hotels represent the local “good place to eat.” The Logis de France owners, who are also chefs, like to offer their clientele authentic and tasty food, drawing inspiration from their region.


Logis de France makes up 18% of the French hotel business based on the number of establishments. They had an income of 1.653 billion Euros, 57% of which was in food and 43% from accommodations.

The average Logis de France hotel has 19 rooms and a potential restaurant seating for 78. The average price is from £35 to £48 (€51 to €71) for a room and from from £12 to £25 (€17 to €36) for a meal, with special menus for children in the range of £6 to £7. The average for half-board is from about £36 to around £44 (€53 to around €65) per person.


In order to guarantee the quality of their label, Logis de France adopted a new policy in 2005:

 The hotels are systematically inspected by outside organizations with “mystery clients” and takes place at least every 3 years.

 A new all-round classification scale, consisting of 268 criteria, including the comfort of the hotel, the quality of the food and service, and the surrounding area. This scale is used to classify the hotels with 1, 2, or 3 fireplaces.

 A Quality Control department of the FNLF (the National Association of Logis de France) is responsible for receiving and processing guests’ feedback, both compliments and complaints.

 The National Federation of Logis de France is ISO 9001 certified. This award validates the FNLF’s classification and quality-control process.

 It is also officially approved by the French Ministry of Tourism, which awards the Quality Tourism label to establishments that meet the required criteria.


For lovers of sports and relaxation, Logis offers, in addition to the fireplace classification, a selection of theme hotels that offer the necessary surroundings, facilities, and services for these activities:

Logis Randonnée (Hiking)
Logis Pêche (Fishing)
Logis Vélo (Cycling)
Logis Neige (Snow)
Logis de Caractère (Distinctive Logis)
Logis Nature-silence (Nature & Tranquillity)
Logis Famille-enfants (Family Logis)
Logis Bacchus (Vineyard Logis)

These hotels are indicated by a specific symbol in the national guide and on the web site.


Logis offers numerous all-inclusive holidays, including sporting, cultural, or gastronomic activities based on half-board. For example: canoe touring in the Poitou-Charentes region, gourmet cycling in the Auvergne, bicycle tours of Provence…




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