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Given the dominance of the wine industry, it is suprising to discover that there are some small scale local breweries in Languedoc.

They are not widely distributed (except Heinekin), but can be obtained near the brewery and in specialist shops.

Argelès-Sur-Mer 66700 Brasserie Artisanale des Albères
Boisseron 34160 Brasserie des Garrigues
Carcassonne 11000 Domaine de sautès
Mèze 34140 Brasserie d'Oc
Montpellier 34000 L'Occis Temps
Montpellier 34000 3 Brasseurs Montpellier
Nébian 34800 Brasserie du Pays d'Oc
Roujan 34320 Croix du Sud
Sumène 30440 Brasserie des Cévennes
Villeneuve-lès-Béziers 34420 Brasserie Heinekin
Villetelle 34400 Micro-Brasserie Pilote Viti R&D



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