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Postby StephP » Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:26 pm

Hi all,

We've been living in Edinburgh for 11 years (after Wales and England), and we're about to relocate to the Languedoc region. I'm German, hubby's British, with one Welsh and one Scottish cat. We run a business online which will see us through regardless of where we live (providing there's broadband).

We are proud owners of a tiny but gorgeous house to let out in the lovely village of Azille, Minervois, and if all goes well we are about to buy a slightly bigger one for ourselves (pending sale here in two weeks' time) in a nearby village.

Once there, I also want to set myself up as a dog trainer and later on as a behaviourist. Will see how that goes... :D

In the meantime, we're brushing up on our French (I study with the OU) and read up as much as we can about the relocation process. I did it once when I moved from Germany to England nearly 20 years ago, but this time it's an even greater distance. Still, very exciting!

One thing we'll need to look into is getting an accountant who knows both systems. We have one for the business income in the UK, but drawing a salary from a UK company and being income taxed in France is an entirely different ball game. Plus we have rental income from here and hopefully in France. Gulp!

We spent last Christmas at our little house, which was cosy. It was a lovely break and has confirmed that we've made the right decision.

Looking forward to 'meeting' folk on here and reading about their experiences. :)
S & L in Azille :-)
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