Astra 2e on the Move.

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Astra 2e on the Move.

Postby montgolfiere » Tue Jul 28, 2015 7:42 am

From another Website:

Following the recent addition of Astra 2G to the UK satellite broadcasting slot, many UK TV fans around Europe breathed a sigh of relief, as the expected channel losses in expat areas failed to materialise. Sky channels on the three Europe beams are stronger than before in most of the continent, though there have been exceptions, such as in the eastern Mediterranean.
BBC HD channels became easier to receive, not harder, as an adjacent strong source of interference (11008V) to the BBC HD transponder was turned off last week.

The situation may now be complicated by a planned move, for unknown reasons, of Astra 2E from 28.2º to 28.5º east, taking up the former position of Eutelsat's 28A. The move will be completed around 8th August, when the satellite will arrive at 28.51º east. The increased distance between 2E and the other two satellites 2F and 2G will cause problems for owners of large dishes. Although still within the beam width of all but the very largest dishes, the signals from one position or the other may be weaker, depending on the exact pointing of the dish.

There is speculation that the satellite's owners, SES, will open a long-planned Middle East service from Astra 2E soon, following the opening of a new office in Dubai. Astra 2E carries almost all BBC, ITV and Channel Four services. If the frequencies in use by these channels are re-used for the mid-east beam, reception of the UK services may be much more difficult in eastern and southern Europe. It may be that a recently-cleared group of frequencies above 12500 Ghz will be used, which would result in no conflict.

Source Sky Madrid.
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