Orange Internet and Contact+ Beware

What the manual doesn't tell you !

Orange Internet and Contact+ Beware

Postby graham34 » Wed May 21, 2014 10:13 am

Just checked my Orange internet bill and discovered a charge for "Contact+ internet purchases".

This seems to be a "service" where certain websites charge for access (I think they may have a Contact+ button). We could have accessed a Weather site of part of SNCF - the bill entry doesn't say it just gives time, date and duration. A bit like calling premium numbers from a phone except then one would expect the bill to show the number?

Managing my account online suggests it can be deactivated but that page is down/not working. I called the English speaking helpline and have had it deactivated.

It seems that new accounts have Contact+ included automatically. There could well have been a letter about this for my account in the past year, but I clearly didn't read it in enough detail.

Seems we have got off lightly. Seen reports that B&B/gite owners have had clients inadvertently racking up bills - including things like games download purchases.

Does France have anything equivalent to a consumer watchdog?
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Re: Orange Internet and Contact+ Beware

Postby Genghis Cohen » Fri May 23, 2014 5:53 am

Thanks for posting .Happened to me too. Will follow your advice and deactivate. Can't seem to deactivate on line either. Despite what Orange say!

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