getting ripped off by an electrician

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getting ripped off by an electrician

Postby bondmax » Fri Jun 05, 2015 7:43 pm

Hi, okay the story is that we recently bought a house which needed a new electrical box and some new wiring and fittings. We got a French guy who said he could do the job in 2 days for 500 euros plus cost of materials (Stupidly we did not sign a devi and just took it as his word). Great we thought, however 2 days became 5 and the cost went up to 2600 euros. We were not living in the property while it was being worked on and I often wondered why it was taking so long to place half a dozen spot lights in one room and 2 mid ceiling lights in another 2 rooms, plus fitting the electrical box. We also found that he was charging us 80% above the shop price for parts and was even charging us TVA when he wasn't paying it as he was an autoentrepreneur. Finally we refused to pay the full amount and gave him 2000 euros for the work and parts. His wife is not happy and has telephoned my wife with stupid threats. Dose anyone know how we stand legally?

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