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Friday the 13th

Postby Genghis Cohen » Thu Nov 26, 2015 2:28 pm

Tomorrow it will be two weeks since the tragic events in Paris.

Since then we've seen all sorts of coverage in the media. The President of France has been globe trotting. With nothing much to show for it. We have all the usual items. How people are afraid, the need for tighter security. Denunciations from religious leaders, apologists for the perpetrators. And above all gesture politics.

The death toll on French roads is about 130 people in a two week period. In 2014 3384 deaths were recorded. Just slightly more than were killed in 9/11. Yet do we publicly mourn them? Do politicians jump up and down demanding immediate action?

We have an inter ministerial standing committee which monitors dangerous sects. With powers to act if needed. Yet the state is virtually powerless to stop hate preachers. Indeed their freedom of speech has been defended by the human rights lobby.

It is a sad state of affairs when we no longer feel comfortable about travelling in Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan or Egypt. Countries just over the water which, until recently, were routine destinations for millions of Europeans.

Where will it all end?
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