An Australian eco warrior kayaking through France

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An Australian eco warrior kayaking through France

Postby peter » Fri Sep 11, 2015 1:49 pm

Aussie Paddles into France After a Gruelling Eight Months
62 year old Australian adventurer, Steve Posselt, has just paddled his kayak across the English Channel on his way to Paris from Canberra.

His Connecting Climate Chaos trip, which started from Canberra in January this year, demonstrates the relationship between Australian bush fires, super hurricanes in the USA, freezing temperatures in Eastern USA, UK flooding last year and the French drought.

He has had plenty of wild experiences so far and it seems that he is the only person to have ever paddled up the Lower Mississippi in a flood.

Speaking in England Steve asked, “Do UK people understand that a coal mine in Australia is a hole big enough to take the city of London? Do they understand that Australia’s annual coal exports equal a pile two car lanes wide x the height of a van, all the way around the world, and that the Australian government is intent on expanding this? Australia, the world’s largest coal exporter, is critical to world climate actions.

On behalf of the majority of Australians who take global warming seriously, Steve apologises for his government’s indefensible stance. He says, “We want the world to know that we are better than that”.

Steve is a civil engineer specialising in water and is an Al Gore trained climate presenter. In 2006 he almost died in the Australian desert when he crashed his motorcycle and has vowed to make every day count since.

He says his five grandchildren are his most powerful motivator and this trip is his gift to them and their generation.

Media contact:
Steve’s phone number is +44 7400 312 277 but not available when paddling
More information:
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