Intermarche Outrage

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Intermarche Outrage

Postby Gite42 » Sat Feb 28, 2015 7:01 pm

Intermarche falsely accuse man of shoplifting, detain him, strip him, assault him then refuse to apologise when the Gendarmes order his release

"This morning at 10:30h I have just been falsely accused of stealing clothes by M. Fleury at Baud Intermarche. The alarms were activated at the checkout, I was taken into an office and told to remove all my clothes. Despite proving I had no intermarche clothing on my person, the Gendarmerie were called. I tried to leave the room and Mr. Fleury physically assaulted me.

When the Gendarmes arrived I removed all my clothes again. They could see I had done nothing wrong and ordered me to be released by M. Fleury.

M. Fleury would not apologise for his mistake. Unless I receive a written apology from M. Fleury immediately, I will be taking this matter further and filing charges of false imprisonment and assault against him. The supervisor of M. Fleury, M. Philippe Daburon also refused to apologise despite being proved wrong by the Gendarmerie".
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