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Aubais, Gard – 30250

This will not be very informative because I don’t know much about the village, especially it’s History but I dare say you can replace this drivel in due course with a learned discourse by a knowledgeable person. 

There are probably 2,400 inhabitants but I don’t know everyone so I haven’t counted them. 

There is a Chateau, which has been presided over variously by a protestant, a catholic and a Muslim all from the same family.  It is now divided into several sections most of which are inhabited and is not unlike a rather grand terrace of houses.  Some of it is falling down, sadly, but a marvellous crop of figs could be harvested annually from the roof of the centre section if you had a head for heights. 

The main social event of the year is the Fete d’Aubais.  It is in early August and is ten days of course Carmarguaise, abbrivados and bandidos, petanque and a small amount of Pastis, rouge, rose and Get are imbibed or is it a lot, no one can recall.  At lunchtime there is an “apero mousse” which is a drink and a dance in a communal bubble bath.  Later, in the evening there is a corse de nuit with the “jeunesse” a pool and a small bull.  Last year we had the famous El Mosquito, Taurean clown demonstrate the art of the Corrida.  This is a very local event. 

Aubais styles itself as an artistic village and there are frequent exhibitions and open studios, many artists live in the village.  Musical events and activities are plentiful and of a very high standard.   

There are three restaurants; L’Ardoise is a first rate restaurant with one of the most inventive menus with a Caribbean influence and the highest standard of cooking, people come from miles away to sample the food and their Languedoc wine list, which is beautifully chosen.  There is the Cave Co-operative Ancien which has recently revamped itself and has a restaurant, wine bar and sells a wide variety of good wines as both off-sales and on the premises.  There is a new restaurant “Le Petit Aubaisien” just about to open in January 2007 with a reasonably priced menu of “home” cooking.  

The village has a very good epicerie and patisserie, a hairdresser, tabac, boulangerie, pizzeria, paella van and pharmacie.  There are schools and a Crèche, a Judo Club and a Gymnasium and a choice of exercise classes. 

The Maire and the Mairie are ultimately in charge of the village but most of the real governance happens in the Café Renaissance, at least that is the regular’s perception of matters.  In some ways they are correct. 

There are enough British people living in Aubais so don’t try to buy a house here and spoil the prices for locals.  It is hard enough for the villagers to buy houses at reasonable prices as it is, with the encroachment of the Nimes – Montpellier urban corridor and they do not need the contamination of the UK housing market “silly” money.  

Lulu Le Prêt



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