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    Expats Choose Christmas with Pets Over In-laws


    If you’d rather spend Christmas with your dog than your in-laws, you’re not alone. 8 out of 10 expats feel the same according to a survey by house sitting website

    The study, which looked at how expats treat their pets at Christmas (exceptionally well by the way), found that most of us expats favour our pets over our in-laws. In France, where a large number of Trusted Housesitters’ members are based, the number was as high as 94% of its members and in Spain every single one of its members who completed the survey chose their pets over their in-laws.

    While our initial response might be to wonder just how bad those in-laws are, the flipside of the coin is that expats really do love their pets. 72% of those who took part in the study said that they would be buying a Christmas present for their pets and just under half said their pet would be getting a special Christmas dinner cooked for them.

    Although most people weren’t going to spend an extravagant amount on their pets, the majority of people would spend up to GBP15 (just less than 20 Euros) which is still more than the average price of a stocking filler. It’ll probably also have been given a lot more thought than whatever the in-laws are getting!

    Although only 8% of those surveyed would be spending more than GBP50 on their pets (around 60 Euros) the good news for the economy – and for Fido and Fluffy – is that 83% of people said they weren’t going to let the current economic situation influence how much they would spend on their pets.

    Trusted Housesitters owner Andy Peck commented on the survey saying:
    “A large proportion of the pet sitting assignments that are posted on come from expats so we’ve always known about the close relationship expats have with their pets. It’s good to see that the financial crisis isn’t going to affect Christmas for pets this year and that they can expect as good, if not a better, Christmas than the rest of us.”







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