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    Image : Gerry Pattersons custom made cycle maps
    Custom-made Cycling Maps for Languedoc

    Custom-made Cycling Maps for Languedoc

    If anyone has ever hopped on two wheels and ridden out into the countryside of Languedoc, you know this region is ideal for cycling! Distances between towns are short, the weather is nearly always perfect, and the variety of cultural and natural attractions is simply amazing. It's the main reason I moved here, and nearly two years of endless riding later I still find hidden treasures.

    When I first came to Languedoc I had no idea where to go, so I just got a map and started 'filling in the blanks' on it. A little while ago, I started to realize that I now know the roads of the region pretty good, and I thought I might be able to save people some time with finding ideal routes through the region.

    First, I have a blog ( that has many routes outlined, usually with a short description and always a Google Map. You might find something the suits your needs there...and it's free!

    However, if you'd like something more customized, I have just started a custom-made cycling map service. Following is a brief description, but if you'd like more information just click on this link:

    Essentially, these maps are for those who:

    1. Want to explore the region by bicycle independently, but..
    2. Lack the time, experience, or knowledge of the area, to design their own unique routes.

    Routes can be created from themes (e.g. vestiges of Roman Gaul, pilgrimage routes, beaches and coastal riding), distance and start/finish points (e.g. "I want to begin in Toulouse, end in Beziers and I have 5 days to do it."), difficulty (mountain riding, only flats, mixed). The list is endless really, and it entirely up to you. My job will be to see if I can make a route to meet your needs. That's what makes the service special. It is YOUR cycling route, not one that someone else has deemed 'ideal'.

    Here is an example map that was made for a short ride from Nimes to Montpellier.

    This person wanted :

    - to see Roman ruins
    - ride on quiet roads
    - a leisurely pace so she could enjoy the sights she was going to ride past
    - a 3-day ride



    View Nimes to Montpellier - 3 Days in a larger map

    For more details on the above route, and photo enlargements, click on the link above. Also there are prices and more details on the service.

    If you have any questions, you can use the Comments box on the blog pages above and I'll get back to you right away.

    Bonne Route!






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