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We welcome submissions of articles for the site about Languedoc or France.  Articles should be under 1000 words and in English. Please submit by email. We also welcome links to your blogs about living in France.

Beatrice Labonne

Beatrice Labonne

Beatrice Labonne is French. She writes of her experience in returning to France after a career spanning 40 years abroad. She now divides her time between Languedoc and Rio, and writes occasional travel articles.


Three Years in Languedoc

Winter Fashion in Rio : the city of Fur Trimmed Bikinis

Rio Dispatch

The Rolling Stones and the Rolling Food Carts

Money and Samba: Welcome to virtual Carnival!

The Atacama Desert experience

An Average Summer Day in Provence

The busy life of the Camargue bulls

Tip-toeing into Libya, the Frugal “Petro-state”

When “merde” hits the literary fan….literally

Four women in Namibia : the ultimate cat lovers heaven

Tunneling through Madeira Island

Rio February Dispatch

On a mission to Argentina

Break Bone Fever Caused by Evil Spirit

Rambling on the Rambla : 36 hours in Barcelona

Death in the Afternoon in Bayreuth

Catvisson: a village of cool cats

DIM DIM Girls vs POM POM girls


Post Card from Rio, Autumn 2007


Everything I wanted to know I learned at the samba schools ! 

Fanfare in Diamantina

Cartagena and San Andres: The other Caribbean get-away

Athens of the South

Lithuania: A country of grass snake worshipers

Special Effects on the Sambodrome

The Disposable Carnival Woman

Elusive and Deceptive: the Volcanoes of Ecuador

It ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings!

 I Vespri Siciliani

French Cowboys Don’t Wear Jeans

The Kingdom of Excess: The Coffee Economy of                 the Paraiba Valley, 1822-1888. 

Meeting the Foxes in New York City

Berlin, the Perennial Battleground

Chile Doesn’t Grow Bananas

The Amazon of the Planalto

Under a Cloud

Los 33 Mineros ChilenosY Yo

Another Summer in the South of France : The Tomatoes & Melons Routine

Soaking wet on the Gold Diggers’ Trail

Rio de Janeiro: A French Obsession

Lord of the Castle: Picasso in Vauvenargues

Swindle in Provence: How to Buy a Medieval Abbey Without Money

Caught Trunk Driving

Salzburg: An Haven of Resistance ?

Abaporu: From culture cannibalism to culture “vulturing”

Lula, Dilma and Pelé: Brazil, a country of first names and creative monikers








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